Long, long ago, out of a small shitty apartment in downtown Los Angeles, Half-Truth Magazine's humble life began. Well, actually it was 1990. It might even be said that it began with the zine, 60 Miles North, a fanzine out of Oxnard, CA. It was a simple fanzine that covered the Nardcore Scene in a very irreverent and scatologically funny way. After its demise, the founders, Mike Rogers and Jeff Hughart, both moved to Japan. No, no, no. They didn't move there together. First Rogers moved there and about a year and a half later, Hughart also moved to the land of the rising yen (remember, this was the 80's). When Hughart moved back (Mike is still in Tokyo) in 1989 he vowed to get the zine going again. After moving to Los Angeles, the name 60 Miles North (Oxnard is 60 miles north of LA) didn't really make any sense. P.J. Galligan, an editor on HT and also former guitarist for the Angry Samoans, came up with the idea of Half-Truth for the name of this new zine. Hughart said yes, while at the same time most of the editors hated the name. Thus began Half-Truth's dysfunctional seven year history.

And of course, the other editors have to be mentioned here because without their help, Half-Truth would have never gotten past the first issue. Instead, with their help (this was a total non-profit venture) HT made it to Issue 25. Yes, seven years of non-stop hilarity and fun! Anyway, the key people involved (and if anybody has been skipped, please e-mail us) were Tom Chartier aka Phester Swollen, Mike Smith, P.J. Galligan, Mike Rogers, Lori Chartier, Rich Wilkes, Pamela Smith and Jon Rosner.

The last issue (#25) to be published was in 1997. During that seven year run and 25 issues the contributor list could not be much more eclectic than it was. This can also be said for the variety of interviews, stories, poems, comics, photos, and hate mail that was published in those 25 fine issues. Now, the back issues, which are collector's items, are on sale. Go to Back Issues to find out more. Thank you.

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